San Diego Comic Con: First Timer’s Experience (Day Three)

I went to my first convention ever this year, and it was San Diego Comic Con! It was such an awesome experience that I wanted to share my convention newb thoughts with all of you. So, here’s my story of my first convention ever! Make sure to check out the day oneGame of Bloggers Meetup, and day two reports if you haven’t already!


Day 3: My Birthday!

Friday was my birthday! In celebration of this awesome day, I decided to do a cosplay of human Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony). I slept with my hair in curlers to give it that extra curl, added a bit more pink color to the ‘do, and wore, what I consider, to be an amazing outfit. I probably consider it that because I actually did some sewing on it (I very rarely sew). But, anyway, check out my outfit for the day!


Painting those nails took way too much time, but was worth it in the end. So, dressed and ready for the day, my roomie and I took off, waited in the shuttle line again, and then made our way to Petco Park. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk were doing a panel with Felicia Day on Con Man over at The Nerdist’s Conival, so we decided that’s how we’d start our day. Conival didn’t open until 11, but we were in line before 10. There was one scary moment in line when my roomie fainted, but she regained consciousness quickly and was uninjured (she’s had it happen before so she knew what was going on). After that, we got inside, grabbed some food and water, and found our seats by the main stage!

Though it wasn’t originally on the schedule (meaning it wasn’t posted online as of the night before), the first panel of the day was for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, featuring Grace Helbig (Electra Woman) and Hannah Hart (Dyna Girl). This remake looks like it will be highly entertaining!


The next panel was for Con Man! Dan Casey was a wonderful moderator for this panel, though Alan and Nathan really did steal the show (in the best of ways). Nathan decided to tell the joke, “How do Reavers clean their spears? They run them through the Wash!” which caused the entire audience to be sad and yell things like “too soon!” while still being entertained.


At that point, my friends texted me because they wanted to take me out for a birthday lunch, so I had to miss the TeamHooman meetup with Felicia in order to make it to lunch in time. On my way over, I had several little girls ask to take their picture with me, which was an awesome feeling. A couple older people asked as well, including one Adventure Time cosplayer who let me handle her awesome sword!


I only had one person break the cardinal rules of taking cosplay pictures by not asking to take my picture first (and then directing me on how to pose…). Overall, a lovely experience before lunch, and to that one guy, I really hope those pictures don’t end up on some fetish site and that you ask people in the future before taking their picture.

Now, my friends and I planned this, so when we went to lunch, there was Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle sitting at one table. Our other friend was dressed as Kaylee (Firefly) for a Whedon cosplay meetup. Next to our table was an entire table of the Justice League, so we were feeling pretty safe during our meal. Afterwards, we made sure to get a picture together to preserve the memory. We were then approached by a Muppet cosplayer from Rotten Tomatoes who wanted to include us in their cosplay video, so keep an eye out for that!

After lunch, I decided to head back to Conival for a chill day. I caught the very end of a panel and, as I was getting up to find a better seat, ran into Ify again. (I promise, Ify, I was not stalking you.) As I was talking to Ify, another TeamHooman member came up and, in between talking with other Hoomans, the two of us ended up talking until Conival closed. As we were being ushered out at 5pm by security, we ran into Jessica Merizan (Jessica Marzipan) and upset security by all taking a photo together (it was okay, she was the one who asked).


With Conival over, I was considering going out to parties for my birthday, but I was pretty tired, so I headed back to my hotel instead. My roomie arrived not too long after me (she had to cut her day short due to medical things), and we decided to order a pizza and just go crazy with the vegging out.
So, I ended my day on a high note, full of delicious pizza, brownies, and orange soda, watching TV with my roomie as we planned for Saturday. Thus concludes day three of SDCC. Stay tuned for day four!

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