PR and Social Media Manager for Nerdy But Flirty
Hi. I’m Joanne. I like games. I like dance. I like dance games (mostly – some are a little weird). I like watching anime and reading manga. I like learning languages – both foreign and programming. By the way, I love coding, too. I like writing about random things, and am awful at writing self-descriptions (what do I say now?!), so please excuse any terrible awkwardness. I like acting cute, which occasionally/frequently means childish, but I can be mature when called upon. I like to sing. I also like photography and design, and am much better at those things than at drawing, but I enjoy that too.
I’m in love with Japan and Japanese games. Favorites include Final FantasyLegend of ZeldaKingdom HeartsThe World Ends with YouHarvest MoonPokemonDance Dance Revolution (I said I like dance games, you knew that was coming!), and various obscure-ish indie ones (Recettear and Atelier Annie especially). Number one non-Japanese game favorite is a Korean online dance game called Audition, but there are other games I like too. Lately, I mostly just play whatever I have time to play. My mom has always strongly held the tragic opinion that “games are unfeminine and girls should not play them,” so what I played as a kid was mostly whatever my brother was choosing as a teenager. Then I got older and said screw it, I like games and I will play what I want. Then I got even older, and decided I wanted to make games. So there. My dream is to get a job as a game developer in Japan. To that end, I’m a student studying Software Engineering with a minor in Japanese, which also means I live on coffee and delivery food. Whoo!

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