I’m Sabrina Zbasnik (you can call me a witch if you’d like, most people do) and I’ve been gaming since Atari’s idea of boxing was an M with two circles on the ends. After burning out a Gameboy and trying to play Where’s Waldo on the Nintendo (dead serious. There was a Where’s Waldo? game. Nintendo was actively encouraging eye damage), my younger gaming days fizzled. Growing up with a Mac before they were cool, I never did much computer gaming. I can talk your ear off about Nanosaur if you also suffered through the days of “What’s a Mac?”

I threw in with the PlayStation in the console wars and am super into RPGs – especially anything Bioware. Beware, I’m a terrible Bioware pusher and have been known to talk appendages off about Dragon Age specifically. Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls series, Assassin’s Creed (mostly just Ezio’s run – let us never speak of 3), all the Lego games; what draws me to a game is the story. If I like the story, I’ll replay the hell out of it.

My degree is in animal science with a focus on molecular biology, meaning I know just enough about genetics to ruin 99% of sci-fi movies. I live in Nebraska, and yes, we are all corn stalks that gained sentience. Sometimes my silk clogs up the fan on my laptop. I currently have four novels out, three of which are fantasy. The fourth is the beginning of a sci-fi/fantasy series called Dwarves in Space. It’s got your Dwarves, it’s got your Space, it’s got homicidal computers who only have access to hand dryers.

I’m also huge into Halloween and blog about the props I make, or you can find me on Twitter yelling at games or props in real time.

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