Wanna Join The Team?

So you like us and want to be a part of the NBF crew? Please send an email to editor@nerdybutflirty.com with the position you are applying for in the subject. Include a resume or writing samples as applicable.

Nerdy but Flirty is all-women staffed, and we aren’t looking to change that.

We are currently looking for:

Vloggers/YouTube Content Creators

We are making a move to start featuring more video, both on the site and on the YouTube channel. If you would like to do a Let’s Play, a one-off video, or a series of videos relating to lady geekery, nerdiness, or gaming, please contact us.

You would be required to post the content on the NBF YouTube channel, as opposed to your own channel (although you could continue to post other content on your own channel).


This is self-explanatory. You would write articles! We’re only accepting women writers at this time.

Guest Bloggers/Vloggers

Have a great idea for a post, but no time to be a regular here? Consider a guest post! Contact us for more details.

Amazing geeky/nerdy/gaming ladies to interview!

We care about our readers and love to interview women who’ve “made it,” women who have been through something particularly interesting, and women whose experiences are useful/interesting/fun.

4 thoughts on “Wanna Join The Team?

  1. I’d love to join the team!
    (Also tried clicking the “Pingback” link but alas it said it couldn’t find the IP address…)

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