Sharon, aka MyaSharona, started gaming on the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. She’s been playing PC and console games ever since that first introduction in 1982.

Sharon has a passion for games that is unquestionably gargantuan. She loves to play for the fun of the game, and has a knack for games that include swinging swords relentlessly, berserking, and tanking like a boss. She’s been writing and talking about the games she plays all across the internet since 2009. She’s been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to contribute to some great sites as writer, managing editor, podcast co-host, streamer, and graphics gal. You’ll find her ongoing content contributions featured at various places around the web.

When Sharon’s not gaming, she works as a freelancer/independent contractor. She is an artist, a published children’s book illustrator, avid creator, (forever) fresh meat with her local roller derby league, and is discovering what it means to be a Canadian transplant living in America.

You can find Sharon on Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Steam, XBL, PSN, and just about everywhere else as @MyaSharona. Read all of Sharon’s articles here.


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