Nerdy But Flirty is a blog for gamers and geeks, with a focus on issues pertaining to women gamers. With an all-woman staff, NBF offers game reviews, fashion tips, tech news, movie reviews, and anything else nerdy but flirty.

Why the name, you might ask? We’re for everyone whose flirtiness – whatever that means to you – was doubted or taken away because you identified as a geek or a nerd or a gamer or anything else that wasn’t sexy. Geeks and nerds can be flirty too!

The site also features a directory of women-run/friendly sites, blogs, and organizations dedicated to geek culture and gaming.

For more information on our staff, please hover your mouse over the “About” menu at the top of the site. We have a Facebook, a Twitter, a Tumblr, and a Pinterest. You can also subscribe to all of us on Twitter! We have a Steam group and we curate games we love!

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