Jess M.

“Won’t you come in?”
“Sure,” you think to yourself. “Why not?”

You follow your friend into her home and allow take in her living quarters. It’s a small studio space, simple. Not much to it. You allow your eyes to curiously scan the room. There are posters all over the walls. Plenty of Naruto and Harry Potter references that you recognize, but you believe Dragon Ball Z was much a better show. Firefly? Sailor Moon?! God, she’s so lame. There’s some Japanese-looking art and a signed poster featuring two guys from Con Man, but you have no idea who the two guys are.

Stepping closer to the bookshelves, you take notice of a Sailor Moon doll, several thick Prima guides for various games, a ton of sheet music for the violin, camera equipment, tons of cables and wires you don’t recognize, micro Legos, odd-looking coins, knickknacks, and a variety of books, DVDs, Xbox games, and tabletop games.

You recognize a few items: Game of Thrones, the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyrim, Halo, Fallout 3 and 4, even your favorite party game Cards Against Humanity. There are a few you don’t recognize, such as Firefly, Portal, The Guild, Red Flags, Pandemic, Star Trek Catan, and, “Tanto Core?” you think out loud.

“Ahhh! I love that one! It’s basically a sexy version of Dominion!” she squeals from the other room. WTF is Dominion?! Her cat Luna headbutts your leg, pulling you out of your thoughts and looking at you with her bright blue eyes. “Mreow!”

You had no idea she was into so many things…comics, collectibles, music, technology, games…movies! Holy Geez.

“Jess…you’re such a nerd,” you say.

“Actually,” she replies, “I’m a geek. Now hurry up and pick a game so I can kick your ass.”

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