Traverser — The Final Battle and Quest for Truth

So, we finally arrive at the final video of Gatling Goat Studios’s Traverser, and though the game is relatively short (an average play might be three to four hours), the game does surprise you along the way pretty well.

Last time, we left off with Valerie needing to sneak into President Foss’s mansion to find her father and figure out what was really going on. Doing so isn’t as terrible as it seems, though. Basically, we just need to sneak around the house, jot down some symbols and such we find on suits of armor, and find a cypher that explains how they’re used to open the door and get the key to the father’s cell. Of course, even with that done, things end up going south, and we get locked in prison ourselves. From that point on, we work on escaping, freeing the prisoners who are locked away there, fighting a rather cool, cybernetic boss, and then making our way back to Raven HQ to take on Foss in a final battle.

The final fight is pretty crazy, but I manage to beat it on my first try. Then, finally, we get to open the door that leads to the surface…but, what’s up there? You’ll just need to watch to find out!

I’ll admit that the ending was a bit disappointing to me. Maybe they left it ambiguous to leave it open to a sequel or prequel. Who really knows at this point, but for now, it’s left mostly for us to fill in the blanks.

Well, with Traverser out of the way, I have plans to start a new series on Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas (2015), so stay tuned! 🙂

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