Traverser — Horrors in the Sewer =O

Finally working through the game past the initial prologue content, we’re now on a quest to figure out what exactly happened to Valerie’s father. President Foss claims that rebels have taken him captive, but we’re already suspecting that something foul is afoot. Heading to the Town Square, we visit with Phil Air, who fills us in on some of the details of what’s really going on. He tells us that we need to meet up with a resistance leader down in Lower City, but since the path down there is closed off, we have to run some errands for local friends of his in order to get equipment that allows us to proceed through the sewers.

We get a greater feel for the game’s world while doing so, and have fun, but when we get down into the sewer, things really start getting challenging. There are quite a few puzzles to work through, a couple platforming challenges, and a rather nasty giant octopus boss near the end. But…you’ll have to wait for episode two to see us truly try to take him down!

Meanwhile, enjoy this new episode and stay tuned – more is on the way!

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