San Diego Comic Con: Game of Bloggers Meetup

As I was preparing for San Diego Comic Con by scouring the internet for articles on what to expect, layouts of the convention center, and a bag not too big for the bus but big enough to fit all my stuff, I came across a wonderful thing. Crazy4ComicCon, Tony B Kim, was hosting a blogger meetup! Crazy4ComicCon has some of the best articles and videos out there for both con newbies and oldies to utilize in preparation for the craziness that is con season. This sounded like it would be amazing, so I contacted Tony about joining and Nerdy But Flirty officially joined the list for the Game of Bloggers Meetup!


The meetup was held on preview night of SDCC at a place called the Dragon’s Den, very close to the convention and, more importantly for me at the time, to the shuttle pick up and drop off spot. Dragon’s Den had a cozy feel to it and an atmosphere that suited its name. Though the bloggers weren’t forced to stay in one area, we mostly kept to the outdoor patio. I got there a little early and it was already crowded. As the night went on, more people came and more awesomeness began.


The point of the meetup was for writers, journalists, bloggers, vloggers, and all those in the community who wished to meet each other, exchange information, and have a grand time. I met so many amazing people, especially women, in the community who are writing or vlogging. A couple are even making apps! I met Elle, who’s making an app that will list all the outside events, like the blogger meetup, that occur at a con. So, instead of having to scour the internet and hope you find what you’re looking for on 20 different sites, you’ll be able to see all the possible fun events in one place on your phone! Another app, made by a wonderful couple, is for cosplayers and is helping to grow that community. Neither app is out quite yet, but I hope both will be soon!


I met so many awesome people! I even had the pleasure of meeting someone I guest DnD with for All For Geek Alliance, Elias Thompson. Then, on top of that, I met a previous writer for NBF! We introduced ourselves about halfway through the night and when she saw my nifty lanyard that Tony had provided (which said Nerdy But Flirty on it) she had a happy freak out. There was a picture station, so I’m sure there’s a pic of the two of us making the rounds on the internet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t taken with my camera, so I can’t show it to you right now.


Overall, the Game of Bloggers Meetup was such a wonderful time and an excellent way for the geeky and nerdy writers and such of the world to meet each other. I want to thank Tony for creating this event, Dragon’s Den in San Diego for hosting it, and all the wonderful people I met while there. Here’s hoping the meetup happens again next year!


Oh, and if you aren’t already, follow these awesome people on Twitter! These are some of the people I met at the meetup.


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