San Diego Comic Con: First Timer’s Experience (Day Four)

I went to my first convention ever this year, and it was San Diego Comic Con! It was such an awesome experience that I wanted to share my convention newb thoughts with all of you. So, here’s my story of my first convention ever! Make sure to check out the day oneGame of Bloggers Meetup, day two, and day three reports if you haven’t already!


Day Four: Saturday, the Beast

I’m not going to lie; I don’t even remember parts of Saturday. SDCC became such a whirlwind that I know some of it has fallen out of my brain, hopefully into a comic book somewhere. Luckily, I took pictures, so I know at least some of what I did!

Since I was still tired from my birthday, I slept in on Saturday. Plus, as I understood from people who’d gone to SDCC several times, Saturday was the craziest day. So, I played it chill, woke up when I wanted, got dressed in casual clothes, and headed for the shuttle. The shuttle line was even longer than the previous days, so it was good that I had nowhere I immediately wanted to be. Once I finally made it over to the convention center, the sheer amount of people turned me off a bit. Saturday really is the busiest day.


Instead of heading to the main halls and panels, I veered over to Petco Park again. The park made me happy as, even though there were a ton of people, it felt chill and had a ton of activities to do (without insane lines). As I entered, I found out that they were doing a Titansgrave panel over at the main stage, so I spent some time watching that.


Yes, Yuri was wearing a bucket on his foot. If you watch Titangrave, you get the reference. It was hilarious!

After that, I was checking my SDCC schedule and noticed that The Nerdist would be doing a panel over at the Indigo Ballroom. I had missed the Nerdist panels the day before, so I wanted to catch this one for sure. So, I headed over early to make sure I would have a seat. Then it was time for The Nerdist panel! Stay with me as I show you a whole bunch of pictures now…


Matt Mira taking over the moderator position from Chris Hardwick, who had to run off and do 1,000 other panels.


Jessica Chobot talking about what’s coming up for Nerdist News.


Malik Forte talking about gaming content and laughing about…something.


Kyle Hill explaining how dragons breathe fire.

Still there? Good. I think my favorite part of that panel was Kyle Hill quickly ranting about how dragons could potentially breathe fire and the constraints this places on ice dragons. After that, I headed out of the ballroom and caught another couple of panels. At that point, my friends let me know they had tickets to see The Nerdist podcast live with Ben Kingsley and Peter Capaldi that they couldn’t use. So then I headed over to dinner with them at Geek Chic again, before making my way to see the podcast.

I don’t remember the name of the theater, but it was truly beautiful. Check out these architectural inserts!


Or the ceiling…

And the stage was set up quite nicely.


I happened to run into one of my DnD people from All For Geek Alliance, Classy Don, and friends of my friends. All four of us ended up sitting in the same row, so that was quite the coincidence! Before the show started, they were showing live tweets that used a certain hashtag, which is how the entire audience got on the side of Captain Jack Harkness in the Box. This person was cosplaying as Jack Harkness from the neck down, but had a Jack in the Box head on. Someone decided to tweet about how it would be hard to see from behind them, which led to a twitter war, broadcasted on the screen for our entertainment, about the awesomeness of Captain Jack Harkness in the Box. Suffice to say, it was an excellent show.

Once I was done feeling inspired by Sir Ben Kingsley and Peter Capaldi, and laughing at the shenanigans of Chris Hardwick, I decided to head to the Geek & Sundry Pop Up Party! Don was heading over too, and our other DnD party member was already there, so we made sure to get a picture together (thank you, Lucas, for taking that picture).


At first, I wasn’t feeling the party. Sometimes, I get in antisocial headspaces and it’s difficult for me to have fun. However, the DJ was smart and chose to play wonderful nerdy songs, so when I heard the Sailor Moon theme, I couldn’t help but get up and dance (and sing) along. Then, since I was already dancing, I decided to keep dancing. For the next three hours, I didn’t take any breaks from dancing. I didn’t stop dancing until the DJ stopped playing and the entire party started chanting, “One more song!” Unfortunately, the DJ did not give in to us, so we had to leave the party.

I’d made some new friends at the party, so we spent a little time talking outside before they got picked up and I needed to head back to the shuttle stop. It was actually a nice walk back, but, even at 3am-ish, the shuttle stop was crowded. People were still partying. We even had some on our bus insist that we weren’t going back to the hotel, but should go to a strip club instead. Judging by the cheering, a good portion of the bus was ready for that, but the driver disagreed, so we went back to our hotels instead. I think I was in my room by 3:30 am and basically just passed out.

Day four was a great day! Stay tuned for day five, the last day of SDCC!

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