Oceanhorn – New Let’s Play in UWHD Begins!

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas first made its appearance on iOS devices back in 2013. I actually had no idea this game existed at all until early this year when doing a search for Zelda-style games on other platforms. Naturally, I was pretty sad to find out that the game was never ported outside of iOS. Yet, as luck would have it, about a week or so after that, I received an e-mail about the game noting its impending release via Steam!

Anyway, I played through a large portion of the game, reviewed it back when it was new, then took a long break from it. Recently, I opted to get back into it, but after some thought (discussed in the intro of this video!), I decided to turn it into a Let’s Play series! 🙂

In this first episode, our adventure begins (after a quick cutscene) on Hermit Island. We learn about our character’s past, a bit about our father who left some time ago, and learn the basics of the game. After our father’s past catches up with us and strange creatures attack our little home, the Hermit tells us a story about sacred emblems that might have the power to weaken Oceanhorn. Seeking them, he says, may be the key to finding our father and defeating this ancient evil.

We set sail to Tikarel Island, where we add a few new locations to our sea chart, explore a bit, and then set sail for Sandbar for a quick pit stop. Finally, we head to Bomb Island, where a very necessary upgrade can be found. The Mines will be the first real dungeon of the game, and so I end this video at the entrance to that dungeon. Next time around, we’ll explore it and hope to tackle the dungeon’s boss and find more clues on where to go next!

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