Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s Daredevil: Episode 4: In the Blood


We open with Anatoly and Vladimir, two of the Russian mobsters, in Siberia eight years ago. They’re in a prison, one with lousy lighting, rats, and awful abuse. This scene brings new meaning to shank ribs.

Episode four follows the two Russians closely. They start out running from Daredevil, negotiating with Wesley when he suggests they’re no longer able to do their job because of the “man in black,” and end up paying a visit to their friend, who’s in a coma following his own run-in with Daredevil. They “persuade” him to wake up. He utters “the devil” when asked who hurt him, and whispers enough information for the Russians to find Claire’s apartment.

Daredevil keeps the Russians on their toes. He goes up against armed men and proves that his abilities in the dark trump whatever weaponry the bad guys carry. We have yet more bone-breaking and ass-whooping by Daredevil, once again seeing the dark side of our hero. Seconds later though, we see him as the consoler. I like his range.

Karen and Ben spend the episode mostly in diners, going back and forth over the story she wants him to investigate. Ben insists she walk away from the story, and warns that the sources he’s worked with in the past end up being run out of town or worse. He firmly tells her to not speak to anyone else about what she knows. I guess this means she won’t be cluing Matt and Foggy in anytime soon?

Claire continues to aid Daredevil following his nightly exploits. We finally see Daredevil topless, in case you’re into that sort of thing. After tending to his wounds, Claire suggests he start wearing some body armor. They’re obviously flirting with one another at this point. In a later scene, Daredevil is the one doing the nursing, reminiscent of the moments we saw in previous episodes with a young Matt helping his father after his boxing matches. Daredevil shares this with Claire, and also tells her his real first name. He also admits that he feels guilty for those he’s put in danger, including her, when all he wants to do is make the city a better place.

Another man who claims he wants to make the city a better place is Wilson Fisk. At least, that’s the line he tells his date. Fisk admits that he hasn’t dated much recently; he’s been “preoccupied.” He’s charming when he recalls his childhood and his love for the city. While his pick-up game is a bit inept, it’s also somehow adorable. Well, until midway through dinner, when it gets beyond the non-creepy threshold of awkward. Unfortunately, Fisk’s date ends on a sour note after Anatoly crashes it. Wilson Fisk is one emotional man; I thought he was going to start sobbing on the sidewalk.

Instead, Wesley starts pontificating on the past, shortly before Fisk takes out his aggression on Anatoly with the help of a car door. It’s really not cool when a dude embarrasses a guy in front of his date. Apparently Fisk is not a gentle giant. My advice about not eating before watching this show? It still holds.

I can only assume all hell will continue to break loose in the next episode, and I can’t wait.

Binge along with me! Daredevil is streaming now on Netflix.

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