Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s Daredevil: Episode 9: Speak of the Devil


Episode nine opens with a fight scene. Sweet! I predicted there’d be more blood in this episode, and there is. Daredevil is fighting a man in a red hood. I kept waiting for the Mortal Kombat music to start. The man in red likes knives on chains, and Daredevil is getting sliced up big time. It appears he’s met his match with this foe. This fight scene was woven in and out throughout the episode.

Matt Murdock once again visits his priest, Father Lantom. Matt asks him if he believes in the devil. Father Lantom shares his thoughts on the devil and his existence. We see more layers of the inner conflict Matt feels about his role as Daredevil.

Foggy, Karen, and Ben Urich are discussing Fisk, and how the city now thinks he’s the “second coming.” The people embrace Fisk after his press conference, and numerous new articles portray him as the savior of Hell’s Kitchen. Matt returns to the office amidst this discussion and meets Ben. I wonder if Urich will figure out he’s already met this guy…? Karen remains adamant about wanting to go after Fisk.

There’s a brief moment in this scene where Karen is gushing over Daredevil﹘she’s quite the fan﹘and as she does, Matt smiles. It was super cute. Later on, she’s fidgety when Matt is around. Sorry, Foggy, she’s just not that into you.

As Fisk’s approval ratings soar, so does the people’s fear of Daredevil. Wesley tells Fisk that the authorities have orders to shoot Daredevil on sight. Fisk notes that the “man in the mask” has been quieter, more cautious, but that emotion can make men careless. Is he talking about Daredevil or himself?

Matt visits Vanessa at the gallery where she gives him a tour and they discuss art. He flirts and asks if she has a man in her life. Lo and behold, Fisk appears. Vanessa introduces the two of them and they shake hands. Fisk tells Matt how important it is to him to help Hell’s Kitchen. Matt says it’s the same for him. These two are totally BFFs in an alternate universe.

Back at church, Matt meets with his priest once more. He, albeit coded, talks about meeting Fisk. Matt sees him as the devil, but is now conflicted, because he knows that someone loves Fisk and would mourn him. Father Lantom tells Matt that murder isn’t in his heart, and that “judgement and vengeance are best left to God.” He gives more advice and plenty for Matt to think about. All priests should be as insightful and non-judgmental as Father Lantom!

Back at the office, Foggy and Karen are considering what their client, Mrs. Cardenas, has told them about her neighbors thinking of taking the deal. They agree to go speak to her neighbors and persuade them not to. Matt warns them, saying that’s a mistake. Fisk wants their tenement, and Matt knows that he’ll stop at nothing to get it. Foggy and Karen convince him to look for something to corroborate and expose Fisk, under the radar. They put all their investigating aside, and Foggy presents Matt with a sign for their law firm. This sweet celebratory moment is interrupted by some bad news, and they must head to the morgue.

Matt, Foggy, and Karen are at a bar, drowning their sorrows. They’re all trying to figure out what happened when Fisk comes on the television. He claims to be helping the tenement and talks about the community standing together and not living in fear of the “man in the mask.” He basically goads Daredevil to step out of the shadows.

And that’s exactly what happens. Matt pulls out a chest in his apartment; it has his father’s belongings and, below, his Daredevil attire. Still not a fancy suit of any sort, but his signature black basics and, of course, the mask. He then goes on to kick a lot of ass. He tracks down an assortment of bad guys, looking for answers. Daredevil is full of rage and he’s letting loose; it’s not a good idea to lie to him. Also, apparently Daredevil is a good antidote for heroin. All of this leads him to the man in red, hence all the bits of fighting up to now.

It turns out that the man with the red hood is someone we’ve already met. At one point, Daredevil is slashed all over, and it honestly looks like this isn’t going to end well for him. This is another brutal fight, right up there with others we’ve seen on the show. Lots of blood being spewed, and I found myself doubting if Daredevil would make it out alive. It was fun to see our hero fight someone on par with his skills.

Eventually, Fisk shows up. He explains why he’s never been good at meditation. Then some punches are thrown. Scratch that; a shit ton of punches are thrown. Fisk. Can. Fight. This scene reminded me of one in Fight Club, where Tyler wants to destroy something beautiful. It’s brutal. So much anger, from both Fisk and Daredevil, and so much punching.

Seeing as this show is called Daredevil and we know it’s been renewed for another season, I’m not ruining any plotlines to tell you that Fisk doesn’t actually kill Daredevil. I actually thought he might. Fisk wipes his face with a handkerchief, like he did in episode four, and leaves Wesley to deal with Daredevil. This doesn’t quite go as planned, and before you know it, Daredevil has jumped out of the building and into some water. I hope it wasn’t the Hudson; that brown water can’t be good for his wounds. Ouch.

Still drunk, Foggy ends up at Matt’s apartment. He hears a sound, and after trying to get in through the front door, he breaks in through the roof. Apparently it’s quite easy to do. Foggy does his best to be a badass, which made me smile. Daredevil is also in the apartment and that’s all I can say because, you know, SPOILERS! I cannot wait to see what unfolds in episode ten.

Daredevil is now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out and watch along with me!

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