Whatever Happened to Dr. Cain? (Canon Question Video!)

A recent Canon Questions article I wrote where I shared my theories on what might have happened between the classic Mega Man series and the Mega Man X series really got me thinking about the character of Dr. Cain. When I shared some thoughts on Dr. Cain with my good friend Jeremy Stratton, he really enjoyed hearing about it and suggested that I write about that too. But, I got to thinking: what if instead of doing an article about it, I changed things up a little bit and instead narrated a quick video on the topic?

Thus, this video was born!

This is an experimental format for Canon Questions, but if it works out, I may do a bit more of it! Here, I talk about Dr. Cain – the man responsible for creating the Reploids of the Mega Man X timeline – what his invention meant, where he might have gone wrong, and what ultimately happened to him (he isn’t mentioned ever again after Mega Man X4). Dr. Cain is an interesting fellow – we don’t even know his first name, and yet he might be one of the greatest (unintentional) villains in the franchise!

Please let me know what you think, and stay tuned – there’s more gaming goodness on the horizon!

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