Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s Daredevil: Episode 3: Rabbit in a Snowstorm


There may not be any spoilers in this review, but there is this warning: DO NOT EAT while watching this episode! It starts brutal and doesn’t let up. The blood being spewed and sounds of bones breaking in this show are a constant reminder that this isn’t made-for-TV and has all the gore we’ve come to expect from cinema.

The episode begins in a bowling alley. Innocent enough, right? Except, holy bowling ball, Batman! The fella involved in the bowling alley shenanigans ends up being Murdock and Nelson’s second client, the first who would actually land them in a courtroom. The two have skills on the job, and I look forward to more courtroom scenes. Murdock senses an issue with one of the jurors, and Daredevil swiftly takes care of this. Each scene of this episode reaffirms that corruption is taking over and how dangerous the city, which Daredevil aims to protect, is.

Murdock and Nelson are visited by James Wesley, Fisk’s right-hand man. He’s appeared in each episode, often in scenes where other gangsters are asking where Fisk is. It can’t be a coincidence that I almost typed “weasel” when writing about him; he comes on screen and instantly makes you feel uncomfortable. Wesley refuses to give Murdock and Nelson his name, only states that he represents Confederated Global Investments and is there to offer them a large amount of money and keep them on retainer.

Nelson wants in as soon as he sees the amount of zeros on the check, but Murdock is suspicious. The stranger who refuses to give his name knows many personal details about the lawyers, and even mentions unpublicized details of Karen’s case. Clearly there’s cause for concern, even if accepting their check means better internet and late-night electricity at the office. Since Murdock is still uneasy about this arrangement, Wesley offers them a case to review before agreeing to anything. Enter our friend from the bowling alley…

Karen faces her own question of choosing the right thing when it comes to tying up loose ends with her old employer. Despite her need for legal guidance, she opts not to fill her new bosses in on the situation. Over her extended lunch break, it becomes clear that making a “good” choice in this city usually comes with repercussions. I’m wondering when Karen will tell Murdock and Nelson what’s going on.

There’s a scene at the docks where investigative reporter Ben Urich meets with a mob boss. The two speak about Daredevil; no one knows who he is or who he works for, but everyone’s talking about him. The boss is troubled by how things are changing in the city; he’s nervous about a shift in power and is eager to retire to Florida. When even the bad guys are scared, well, then you know shit is going down. Episode two gave a solid background on Daredevil, while this one lays the groundwork for just how crooked the city is and exactly who’s pulling the strings.

Urich is played by Vondie Curtis-Hall, and as a fan wanting more diversity in the comics universe, I’m incredibly pleased with this casting. Don’t miss the framed newspapers hanging in Ben’s office. I’m so sucked in with the details of this show alone, I sometimes forget it’s part of the MCU, so little reminders like this give me butterflies.

We see Ben throughout the episode, facing frustrations in his personal and professional lives. He’s struggling with his insurance company and becoming desperate to get the right care for his wife. I smell foreshadowing! Ben wants to investigate the unnamed, mysterious vigilante and write about it for his paper, the New York Bulletin, not The Daily Bugle. He’s denied with a speech by his boss about bloggers making money at home in their underwear. Ahem. So Ben’s stuck writing about the city’s subway system. Poor Ben. But, wait! Later, Karen visits his office, and that’s all I’ll say, because spoilers!

There’s another applause-worthy fight, this time in an alley. The interrogation tactics Daredevil uses are reminiscent of Batman. I’m totally okay with that. Through this fight, we learn who is tied to Confederated Global and how evil those in power are. The fight ends in a way I didn’t see coming and, yikes, it hurts just thinking about it.

This episode has everything. There’s blackmail, hush money, and cracks at parents who don’t vaccinate their kids! There’s even Fisk! It’s not much more than a tease, but we do finally see my beloved D’Onofrio as the larger-than-life Wilson Fisk. Oh, and we learn that Fisk is a bit of an art lover, so how bad can this guy really be? Maybe we’ll find out in episode four.

I’m relieved Netflix has announced that on April 14, audio description for Daredevil is finally available. They’ll be adding this accessibility to many more titles as well. This is excellent news.

Binge along with me! Daredevil is streaming now on Netflix.

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