Demonicon: The Dark Eye — Saving the Slums!

In the previous episode, we ventured as Cairon into Moloch Mountain to rescue his sister Calandra, who had gone there to run away from her arranged marriage…or so we thought. While this might have at least been on her mind, it turns out that she was chasing a murderer who’d abducted a young girl from the slums and ran off deep into the mountains. After finding Calandra (and having a strange thing happen where their blood mixed and unlocked some magical abilities), Cairon follows her into the golden pyramid deep in the caverns and defeats the crazed cannibal. Once done, we’re forced to make a hard choice: kill the cannibal to prevent future horrors but seal the fate of those he is holding prisoner, or spare him so he can free the prisoners and run away. We take the second option, which seems to have some consequences as we progress.

Now, we find ourselves in the slummy outskirts of Warrunk, on an errand from Cairon’s father to collect rations at the temple so that they can hold a “feast” to welcome Falk of Arivor and his mother, a woman of noble birth, so they can prepare for the upcoming wedding and hopefully give our character’s family access to the city-proper. This is easier said than done as we end up having to tend to the sick, take care of a gang of thugs raising protection money by beating people have to death and stealing their belongings, and even defending ourselves against other slum-dwellers who are envious of our extra rations and other goods. We eventually gain entry into the city proper after Falk gives Cairon a gate pass after his outburst at the “dinner” so he can blow off some steam on his own, and it’s here that we get drawn into some interesting decision-making again.

Much like in The Witcher and games of a similar ilk, we quickly have to choose sides once we enter the city gates. It seems that by defeating the local thug leader in the outskirts, we’ve drawn the attention of the city’s cartel leader. On the other hand, the City Guard is interested in our skills and smarts to assist them in the protection of the town. And, in either case, we now have a new mission for next time: investigate a brothel in the city’s red light district to verify some dark rumors circulating the streets.

Also, there’s a scene of some brother-sister romance…so there’s that too!

Stay tuned as we continue this journey and, as always, please subscribe!

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