Comic Review: All-New Captain America #3


“If I got weak in the knees every time a Nazi spewed some misinformation, I wouldn’t be wearing these colors right now.”

“This is it! The new generations meet – Captain America vs Sin, daughter of the Red Skull! The truth in regards to the blood of equalization is revealed, but Hydra’s proliferation is too wide, there is no stopping them now. Nomad stands tall against the ruthless might of one of Cap’s oldest foes!”

Read my reviews of issue #1 and issue #2.

Last time, “Together, [Sam and Ian] infiltrated a HYDRA fortress to save a child prisoner with a doomsday weapon in his blood. Unfortunately, the child was not as innocent as they’d thought. Turning on his would-be rescuers, he shot Cap and watched as Baron Zemo cut Nomad’s throat! Fighting his way through the criminal nation of Bagalia to get back to Nomad, Sam ran into Misty Knight, who was working undercover, where she had discovered HYDRA’s influence had spread farther than anyone had realized.”

Last issue was INTENSE, and a big improvement on issue #1. Issue #3 opens with Sam being shown taking care of his siblings, who seem to have PTSD related to gunshots because of what happened to their father. Sam and Misty find Ian’s body, and Sam is tangled in immense guilt for not being able to save him. We’re introduced to Sin, daughter of the Red Skull, who gets inside Sam’s brain and taunts him. Apparently, HYDRA has developed time travel? This part was a bit confusing. Sin taunts Sam, suggesting that Sam’s entire past was a manufacturing by Red Skull via the Cosmic Cube as a plant for Steve to accept Sam as his sidekick.

Something I really liked about this issue was that Sin is not a sexualized woman. She’s in an army uniform, completely covered up, and also doesn’t have the typical comic book woman figure. That was pretty cool. Otherwise, I found the time jump (or something?) a bit confusing, but the overall issue was good. I’m nervous about Sin and HYDRA’s plans, and I’ll be getting the next issue.

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Stuart Immonen
Cover by: Stuart Immonen
22 pages
Get it on Comixology, Marvel Digital, or at your local comic shop for $3.99.

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