Spoiler-Free Review: Agent Carter: Episode 4: The Blitzkrieg Button

The Blitzkrieg Button

Previously on Agent Carter, Jarvis got interrogated, Peggy busts him out, and the two of them track weapons to a ship with Brannis’s symbol on it. Jarvis phones in an anonymous tip to the S.S.R., and Peggy is almost exposed as a double agent but an assassin kills the person who was going to make that tip. Not a whole lot happened, honestly.

Howard Stark is back this episode and knocks someone out with a pool ball in the first four minutes, so that’s pretty great. He’s still on the lam, obviously, so Peggy and Jarvis sneak him back to Peggy’s apartment through the dumbwaiter. Unfortunately, the owner of the house almost catches Peggy in the act of smuggling him upstairs, leading to a hilarious sequence. There’s a great ongoing bit in the episode of Howard visiting other women on the floor. One of the S.S.R. agents brings in a homeless man who lives down by the docks, hoping to get some information on the anonymous tipster.

Howard Stark notices a still-active weapon in his vault – the Blitzkrieg Button – that will turn all the electricity in the city off. The problem is, he never figured out how to turn it back on. He tasks Peggy with swapping out the device for a prototype. Another agent goes to Germany to talk to a Nazi about the battle of Finow (because Brannis was supposed to have died there). We discover that there WAS no battle; upon arriving, the Nazi found a massacre had already happened, and not by German hands. The plot thickens.

Peggy’s suspicious about why Stark asked her to make the swap, especially because Jarvis was nervous, and she opens it (?!?!?!) only to discover a vial of blood (?!?!?!). Even if I was suspicious, I don’t think I would have opened it – what if it really HAD been what Stark said? I won’t spoil whose blood it is or what Peggy’s reaction was, but you get a good scene between Peggy and Howard. Peggy gets really pissed off at Howard and kicks him out of her apartment. Jarvis isn’t happy with him either. There’s also a SUPER COOL revelation at the end about one of Peggy’s neighbors, Dottie. I hope she and Peggy get to hang out. There’s also a very special, and probably expected, cameo.

PS why does the one agent call Peggy Marge sometimes?

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