GOTY 2014: Caylie Edition

As a bit of a disclaimer, I don’t play a ton of video games. So, from my limited amount of playtime last year, here are my picks from the large amount of games that came out last year!

Best RPG – Dragon Age: Inquisition


This one definitely goes to Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve been waiting for this game for years, and wow, did it deliver! The story is amazing, the combat is fun, and our companion and romance choices rock. More than that, Bioware as usual has delivered some amazingly diverse characters in gender, race, and sexuality. I love this game so much. It sucks me in like no other game before, and every time I turn it back on, it feels like I’m spending time with my friends. If you like RPGs, seriously check this one out.

Best FPS – Destiny


This is my first real attempt at a shooter, and contrary to my expectations, I freaking loved it. In the past, I’d tried Halo, and I really disliked the game. But once I’d played more than 30 minutes of Destiny, even though I initially was pretty horrible at the whole shooting part, I really started to enjoy myself. The game itself is gorgeous. The art, the different gear, and the environments are all so beautiful. I think the UI was really easy to pick up, and I liked their gear system a lot. I played the game for a solid month, and there were times when I was sitting at work just wishing I could go home and play. I also really liked the multiplayer. It was super fun to go through levels with my friends. I would probably still be playing, except that Dragon Age came out.

Best Voice Actor – Will Stamper


Will Stamper, who voices the Narrator from BattleBlock Theater, is fantastic. His ridiculous voice really made the game. Every time he spoke, I chuckled a little. Don’t get me wrong, the game itself is fun too! It’s a silly platformer with a silly story line, and it’s super fun to play. I loved playing it with my husband. Succeeding was really fun, but “accidentally” killing each other may have been even more fun. And Stamper’s voice in the game just made the whole experience more enjoyable.

Best Voice Actress – Claudia Black


Claudia Black voices Morrigan from Dragon Age: Inquisition, and she does an amazing job. I love her intonation. Whenever I hear her voice, I always shiver a bit. I love how much of the character she really brings to the voice of Morrigan. For me, it’s unmistakable. I remember hearing her voice in promo videos and freaking out, because I was so excited we were going to see Morrigan again.

Best Indie Game – Child of Light


I really enjoyed this game. I thought the art and story were amazing. I loved the combat mechanics and the fairy tale feel of the whole thing. I also thought the soundtrack really added to the whole experience. The writing in the game was pretty unique too. I know not everyone liked the fact that it rhymed, but I loved it. For me, it added to that fairy tale feel that I was really digging.

Game of the Year – Dragon Age: Inquisition


I know you could have probably guess which game I was going to pick. But seriously. Amazing. This is pretty much my favorite game of all time. I’ve been playing for months and it hasn’t gotten old. I’m on my second character, which is really unusual for me, and I’m thinking about playing a third. I could literally go on for hours about my love for this game. So go play it. For realz.

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