Allahweh on Button Smashers Podcast #70!


Sometimes, I have the excellent fortune of appearing on an episode of The Button Smashers Podcast as a guest (a term I use with endearment, since I’m an editor on the site but only infrequently get to appear on the show), and this past Tuesday I was on a very interesting episode in which we talked about what we’d been up to lately and, more importantly perhaps, talked about the Living on One project.

Before Q told me about this, I’d never heard of it. I’d heard about similar experiments being done before, but had no idea about this specific one. And, while I could try and break it all down for you, I think it would be best to simply link you to its main website. Please, give it a read – it’s a rather eye-opening topic!

I can say that what Q and I talked about really gets deep on some levels, and it makes you think about what you have versus what other people have. I joked on there about “first world problems” (e.g. “Dang, teh interwebz be down!”), but in all seriousness, when you live somewhere where those are the only issues you have, your life is comparatively pretty good.

As always, I recommend giving this podcast episode a listen and checking out the main Button Smashers website!

Button Smashers Podcast Ep. 70: Cherish the Little Things (MP3)

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