Comic Review: Legends of Baldur’s Gate: Tyranny of Dragons #4


“Death by literature!” 

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The story so far: “In the legendary city of Baldur’s Gate, a young moon elf (and wild mage) named Delina teams with the newly revived ranger Minsc; his hamster, Boo; and thieves Krydle and Shandie. To find Delina’s missing brother, Krydle makes a deal with The Fetcher – but in the ensuing action, Delina is captured by a member of a Dragon Cult…who reveals himself to be her brother.” Wild, huh? So what are we up for in this issue?

“Tyranny of Dragons! Can Minsc, Boo, and their new friends stop the dragon cult before their magical ritual destroys the city? Less talk, more fight!”

Hi, I continue to be in love with these covers. I kinda wanna make mini posters out of them. The comic opens with another flashback to Delina’s childhood, with some more background on elves and their ways. Moon elves are a subset of elves that don’t get explored a lot in the fiction (at least as far as I’m aware), so it’s cool to have a moon elf main character. In the flashback, we learn that Delina’s twin brother (Deniak) was jealous of her natural aptitude for magic, and also gives us an idea of what can trigger her wild magic surges. In the present day, we see what Deniak has become, and it’s a BIG JERK who wants to get in on the Queen of Dragons waking up. He also looks pretty rough (age-wise) for an elf, so I think something weird is going on.

I love the dynamic between Krydle and Shandie – Shandie is the hotheaded one, and Krydle is much more calm, and I love seeing Shandie flip out on people. Boo also gets quite a bit of personality in this issue, having three lines of dialogue, and he has an active role in a few panels that I won’t spoil but is absolutely perfect. There’s an awesome fight sequence in the last section of the book, and I love how Max Dunbar can make static images have a feeling of motion/action. Coran pops up again at the end, and he wants to stop being blackmailed, but before he can finalize the deal, SOMETHING WILD HAPPENS and I need the next issue to be out now.

Price: $3.99 at Comixology, IDW, and your local comic book store.
Pages: 23
Written by: Jim Zub
Art by: Max Dunbar
Colors by: John-Paul Bove
Letters by: Neil Uyetake
Edits by: John Barber

“Your evil voice angers my hamster.” 

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