If My Writing Style Were an Outfit…

Inspired by “If my blog was an outfit” posts, we decided to do an article about our different writing styles here at Nerdy But Flirty! Below, Allahweh, Alyssa, Kelsey, Stephanie, Caylie, Jessi, and I share the looks that best represent our writing styles!


Allahweh's Polyvore
My own blog and my work with other sites and communities reflects who I am, thus here I chose to select an outfit that fits me stylistically. I tend to prefer to keep things simple with jeans and a t-shirt a lot of the time, and often like picking fun, whimsical shirts like the one here (I actually have several in this vein), complimented by flip-flops or comfortable sneakers (New Balance, for example!).
The blue reading glasses are spot-on to the ones that I wear all the time, and when it comes to accessorizing, I personally find jewelry like toe rings and piercings (in many places) both unique and fun. Finally, I have a style that favors darker colors, and though I prefer often a natural look, when it comes to make-up, dark colors or colors similar to this silver are my preference.

The article that I’m most proud of on Nerdy But Flirty is my retrospective on the Zelda timeline from New Year’s Day 2014.


Alyssa's Polyvore

The Game of Thrones dress perfectly exemplifies my geek meets chic style, which I try to incorporate into my blog as much as possible. The Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes are outrageous yet sensible, while the red lipstick and nail polish add a sassy side to the outfit, which complements my personality perfectly. I’m obsessed with technology and cats, so nothing is more perfect for me than an iPhone 5S with a cat case. To round off my outfit, I chose simple yet intriguing jewelry to add a little whimsy and a sophisticated Betsey Johnson bag to incorporate a ladylike attitude.
My favorite article on NBF is my interview with Raychul Moore!


SarahTheRebel Outfit
I couldn’t just do one outfit for my writing style, so I managed to keep myself down to two. My first outfit is pretty self-explanatory: I write from a feminist point of view, and I’m a BAMF, just like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. I chose the big butt-kicking boots because I tend to take a very strong stance (see what I did there) on topics such as diversity and inclusiveness.
The accessories represent the other topics I love to write about besides video games: comics, anime, Star Wars, and science. It’s very easy to see that I write about topics I’m passionate about, and my strong emotions usually come through in the tone.
And, just like my writing style, my outfits don’t really match. They aren’t polished or beautiful. They’re just what I like. My writing isn’t going to blow your mind, but you’ll probably have a good time nonetheless.

Just like with the outfits, I can’t just pick one article to represents my writing style, so here are my two favorites: Girl You Scary! Top 5 Scary Female Video Game Characters and 5 Best Black Female Game Characters.


Caylie geek outfit
My writing is pretty casual, and just kind of flows from my brain in a stream of consciousness. That’s why I chose an inexpensive, flowing, casual dress. Also my favorite color is blue. So blue dress!
I also think my writing is pretty expressive and colorful. I use a ton of exclamations, and I usually get really excited when I write. That’s why I picked bright coral shoes and nails, which represent all those silly exclamations that I use when I write.
The jacket represents the fact that I go back and think about what I write and edit it. Just like I pause before going to a movie or a restaurant and grab a jacket (I’m ALWAYS cold!), I always, always re-read and edit my work before I put it up. So to sum up, my writing style is fun, casual, and still put together.

My favorite article is my interview with Veronica Belmont.


stephanie outfit

My style is pretty laid-back, but I like adding a little something to it. I love wearing a pleather jacket (even in the LA sun), I like wearing some cutesy form of jewelry, usually in the form of earrings (can’t help but write about cute things). I can’t see without my glasses, thus the glasses, and showing that sometimes I might miss writing mistakes. I like wearing some hair accessory, I always go out with some sort of purse, and my cell phone case has to have some cute design on it (sometimes getting overwhelmed with what to add in articles).

I like looking for bargains, but do like splurging once in a while. My writing style is put together, with a bit of flair.

An article that represents my writing style is my Gift Guide for the Geeky Fashionista.


Jessi Outfit

I like to think that my writing style is sassy, sophisticated sarcasm that uses amazing alliteration. There’s a part of me that likes to think that I’m very witty and capable of making readers chuckle with laughter, like, “that darn Jessi.”

With that being said, the outfit I created was something that I would probably wear myself. Fashion is super important to me. It’s expression. It’s the first bit of your personality a person sees. I feel the same way about writing. The written word is a reader’s first experience of me. They either like…or they don’t. It’s the way I write that keeps readers coming back. The black lace dress is from Black Milk Clothing – one of my favorite clothing brands. It represents the sassy, flirty style of writing that I like to do often. Paired with the pair of Christian Louboutin (sophistication) and the Batman letterman jacket (fun sarcasm), I think this entire outfit represents my writing as well as my personal fashion style. My classic red lipstick is MAC Cosmetics “Ruby Woo,” and I very well think a PS Vita is just as much a part of an outfit as things that actually go on my body. Last is a purse I would probably never own, a Chanel. In all honesty, this probably represents the lofty ambitions I have. I would love for writing to take me places.

An article that represents my writing style well is my Dragon Con 2013 article!


KRM blog outfitThe black jeans/purple sweater is an outfit I would be found wearing on a typical day. I added in the Portal earrings and Batman knee socks to reflect some of my geeky interests – plus, I love both knee socks and fun earrings! The earrings are subtle enough so that only fans would notice, so I could still wear them to my day job. I think this reflects my writing style too, because I try to be open and straightforward about what I think of games, and this is a very Kelsey outfit.
One of my favorite articles that I’ve done is the Moebius review, because I recognized that I needed to update it (and the score) because of certain elements, and I didn’t hide that it had been updated.

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