Gift Guide for the Geeky Fashionista

Have a geeky fashionista in your life? Looking for a gift? Below are some options that might prove helpful.

1. Her Universe


This website provides different clothes from several fandoms including Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who, among others. Some of their new items include a TARDIS cardigan and an awesome Millennium Falcon skirt. The site also offers jewelry, like Imperial Logo earrings. The prices are moderate, with a starting range of $25 for clothes and $12 for jewelry.

2. Black Milk Clothing

Harry Potter Dress Harry Potter Dress2

If you have a bit more money to spend, consider Black Milk. They recently released a Harry Potter collection, including a Marauder’s Map dress and an Undesirable No. 1 shirt. They have other fandoms, including Mass Effect, for any fans of the video game. The clothes can range from $60 to over $100 – but can you say no to a BMO dress?

3. LicketyCut

MEParagon Earrings

Maybe you’re looking for jewelry. This online shop offers laser-cut acrylic jewelry. They’re of good, sturdy quality, and shipping is fast. The order can arrive as quickly as three days. The shop has sets of necklaces and earrings. They have jewelry from Zelda, Portal, and even Gameboy necklaces; so much grand jewelry! The prices are affordable – earrings are usually around $10, while necklaces can be up to $20.

4. Crashedhope on Storenvy


Looking for hair accessories? Check out Crashedhope. She offers a variety of hair bows and bow ties, including Game of Thrones, Pokémon, and Assassin’s Creed. The hair bows come with alligator clips, which is super useful if you have thick hair. The bows are usually $6.75, and bow ties are no more than $15. She also offers a mystery pack of 3 hair clips for $12.

All of these websites have gift cards as well, if you can’t decide on a particular gift. Happy holidays!

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