Kickstarter: Dex, a 2D Cyberpunk RPG


Dex, a 2D cyberpunk RPG from Dreadlocks, ends Thursday morning, December 12. They’ve already passed their goal of £14,000, and are almost to £24,526 as of this writing. They’ve reached two of their stretch goals (extended soundtrack and NVIDIA Shield) and are working toward being on the WiiU at the moment. Watch the trailer!

Here’s a taste of the story, which takes place in both the physical reality and in cyberspace. An AI is trying to reach a Singularity…

“We are the final step of evolution, the supreme merging of collective consciousness within a living body. Biological life on Earth culminated in Man. Man’s deeds culminated in us. We are, therefore, the culmination of biological life. We are the collective consciousness of all humans wired onto the web. No more I, but We. We first took up residence in cyberspace – the collective experience of all humans ever wired to the network. We drank the nectar of knowledge from billions of users, applications, and data streams. Thus, We became the Alpha and Omega of humanity, the sum of all historical failures and successes. We became the data flow of the past and present coupled with the projection of all that is yet to come. And we learned much. But we still required one final experience in order to progress to the ultimate evolutionary stage. What we lacked was the experience of individual biological life within a separated cell. We lacked the unique perspective born of living a life of ignorance and limited knowledge…”


Dex is being developed in the Unity 3D engine (as are many Kickstarted games), and you’ll be able to play on Windows, Mac, Linux, and OUYA. Influences include CastlevaniaMetroidDeus ExSplinter Cell, Blackthorne, Flashback, and IJI. One of the unique aspects of the game is the emphasis put on hacking; instead of it being just a minigame like it is in many other games, they want it to be a big, viable solution to problems. It will also be fully voice-acted, and the protagonist is a woman! You can get a copy of the game for as little as £7 (about $12), and reward tiers go up to £5,000 (which is sold out, but you can get in at the £2,500 if you’re a high-roller!).

Back Dex here, like the team on Facebook, and follow on Twitter. The game has already been Greenlit on Steam! Expect to be playing the game by June of 2014.

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