The Wonder Woman of the Gaming Industry – An Interview with Raychul Moore

I had the immense honor of interviewing my dear friend Raychul Moore for Women’s History Month. Raychul’s a woman who wears many hats and is extremely driven, talented, and beautiful. She has over 58,000 YouTube subscribers and countless fans who adore her unique spin on cosplay and bubbly, unfiltered attitude. She’s truly a role model for any woman looking to break into the gaming industry.


1. You were a freelance games journalist before you started your YouTube channel. How did you become a freelancer, and who’d you write for?

I’d written a few articles here and there for GamePro as just something I did for fun while I was in college, but after a few months, they asked me to head up a new site they were starting called GameGirl. I was so freaking excited! Getting to write about video games and getting paid for it?! Holy crap! So, while running GameGirl, I also started writing a lot more reviews and features for GamePro magazine and its website. Then, unfortunately, GamePro ended up closing down for good, but I continued writing as a freelance journalist for companies like EGM and Machinima, while also getting more into the video side of things! I always liked writing, but once I got a taste of the video side, there was no turning back!

2. You’re also very involved in cosplay. How did you become involved in cosplay and what’s your favorite cosplay?

I got into cosplay through a friend of mine, Becky Young. We were about to go to our first Comic Con, and she wanted to try out this whole “cosplay thing.” This was several years ago, when cosplay wasn’t a common thing and still kinda looked at as weird. But she wanted to do a group cosplay with several of our friends and dress up as the girls of the Danger Girl comics. I was kinda on the fence; dressing up in a costume when it wasn’t even the Halloween season and walking around in public?! Oh man. But I gave it a try and loved it instantly! I adore the creation behind cosplay. I love starting a costume and slowly seeing it take shape. I love learning how to work with different materials and all the trial and error that comes with it. I also absolutely adore finally getting to wear my cosplay out to the cons and being surrounded by other people who share my obsession and passion for the same types of things. There’s nothing better.

My favorite cosplay I’ve done so far is Kratos. He’s one of my super all-time favorite characters! I also liked getting to walk around and make stabby-stabs at people who walked by.


One of Raychul's most famous cosplays, Cammy from Street Fighter.

One of Raychul’s most famous cosplays, Cammy from Street Fighter.

3. When did you first start creating YouTube videos?

I started when I was working with GamePro and GameGirl. I used it just as a place to upload an app review segment I’d do called “Raychul’s App Attack.” It wasn’t until a few years later that I started getting into YouTube more hardcore as a way to try to break out of my camera-shyness.

4. What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?

I’ve always been camera shy…well, actually…all types of shy. When GamePro had me do some on-camera coverage of E For All one year, I knew right away that I adored being on camera and talking about video games, and I wanted to pursue that side of journalism more. But then there was that pesky shyness getting in my way…so I started a YouTube!

I’d say it definitely helped a lot. I still get a bit shaky and nervous before I go on-camera. It’s just not as bad as it used to be.

5. What kinds of videos do you create on your channel?

On my main channel I do mostly game-centric stuff, like game reviews, top 10 lists, opinion videos, and so forth. I also like to do videos that I find fun, like a day at Disneyland, a video featuring my family, or maybe even just a video of me talking about my obsession with knee socks. On my secondary channel, I stick to just gameplay videos with commentary. I just play what I feel like playing that week and record it!

Her latest main channel video:

Here’s a taste of her secondary channel (WARNING: Gameplay contains spoilers)

6. Are there any women who inspire you?

My mom. She is the most inspiring woman I’ve ever known. She has been through so much in her life, and yet every road bump just seems to make her stronger, wiser, and more incredible. She is loving, selfless, and so amazingly patient. I hope to one day be at least half of the woman that she is.

7. Have you experienced any negativity being a female in the gaming industry?

Oh yes, we all have. Sadly, most of the negative resistance comes from other females. That always shocks and disappoints me. But yeah, it’s tough. If you like mainstream games, you’re a fake. If you speak your opinion about games, then you don’t know what you’re talking about. (Sighs) Even though it does frustrate me, I also like it. I like having to prove myself. And I think anyone (guy or girl) who complains that being a gamer in this industry is too hard, then I think that just maybe they’re in it for the wrong reasons.

People can say what they want about me, or call me a “gamer girl,” but I’m not gaming for them…I’m gaming for myself. I do it because I love it, and as long as I love picking up a controller and digitally slaughtering hordes of enemies, who cares what anyone says?

8. What are the best/worst things about being in the industry?

The best thing about being in this industry is the people. Being surrounded by people who love the same things I love, and who are as passionate about them as I am, is the best thing ever!

The worst thing about being in the industry is…well…nothing! I adore it, and I would never want to do anything else with my life!

9. What other jobs do you have besides YouTube?

Other than YouTubing, I also do a live debate show on Machinima every Tuesday on their Twitch channel called Player vs Player. Then, I also do con coverage for various outlets, where I go to game or comic conventions, interview developers, and talk about upcoming games.

10. What are some of your favorite video/board games?

A few of my favorite video games are the BorderlandsBioshockUncharted, and the God of War series. I also loved Eternal DarknessDishonoredSilent Hill 2, and Bully.

My favorite tabletop games are Shadows Over Camelot, Citadels, and I’m always down for a six-plus hour game of Arkham Horror.

11. How can fans interact with you?

I am on Twitter (@theRaychul) more often than probably recommended. Find me on Facebook, my main YouTube, and my gameplay channel. Lastly, I also have a website where you can find all these links and more!


Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you, Raychul! If you haven’t checked out this amazing woman’s work, I highly recommend you do so. You’ll be inspired and will leave with a smile on your face.

Photos courtesy of: Raychul Moore, Rick Basaldua, Adam Patrick Murray, and Brian Recktenwald.

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