Comic Review: Tomb Raider #5 – Back in Yamatai

Tomb Raider #5 starts with a flashback fleshing out the relationship between Lara and Sam. I think this was a great decision, as it lends a little weight to Lara’s desire to rescue her friend, no matter the cost. Why does a friendship need weight? Well, because we’ve hardly seen Lara and Sam interact at all, both in the game and in the comic.

tomb raider 5

I’m also still loving that Sam and Lara’s relationship is slightly ambiguous. They could be best friends, or they could be romantic interests.

Issue 5 has been, by far, my favorite, with lots of questions answered and the threads of the mystery starting to come together. I can’t wait for issue 6!


“With Sam being targeted by a deadly enemy, it’s a race against time to find out who’s next. Can Lara save her friends and find out the truth of what’s happening around her?”


Writer: Gail Simone
Penciller: Nicolás Daniel Selma
Inker: Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Cover Artist: Brian Horton

Buy Tomb Raider #5 here!

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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