Animal Album Kickstarter Update

animal album1

A little while ago, I did a news article about the upcoming game AnimalAlbum. A demo has been released, which you can play here. I played around with it for a while, and I enjoy the art style and the mini-games that you’re learning the animals with. The music is also nice for such an early build! A Kickstarter was undergone, but was sadly unsuccessful. Sjors Jansen, the man behind the game, is not giving up, however; he really wants to see AnimalAlbum through. He has a companion app, which you can see here, for smartphones. The game will end up being smaller than if the Kickstarter had been funded, but he is going to continue on regardless.

Check out the official site, Facebook, and Twitter, and hopefully we’ll be able to play this game sooner rather than later! Check out the trailer:

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