E3 2014 Day 2 – Assassin’s Creed Controversy and More!

As E3 passes the halfway point, there’s been some amazing stuff that’s been shown!

Tired of playing PC games at a desk? There was a new device unveiled to solve that problem – play games on your couch! Microsoft and Sony are both trotting out a lineup of indie games for their consoles, which is gratifying and exciting. Nintendo forewent a traditional press conference to have an awesome digital event.

photo (1)

Today, there were a multitude of exciting things happening. We saw that Mortal Kombat X is coming to Xbox in 2015! In addition, Nintendo has gained the love of many fans by releasing a Wii U adaptor for GameCube games alongside their release of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. A blogger noted that the loneliest game at E3 was the Minecraft for PS4 (abandoned all day long!). The newest installment of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series is called Siege and places multiplayer first. Project Spark is new and improved, too – enabling the gamer to have more of a hand in game creation.


However, the most notable event is the scrapping of female playable characters in the upcoming Ubisoft release of Assassin’s Creed Unity. The reasoning behind scuttling the lady characters is that it’s “too expensive” to animate the women. However, in an official statement, that was not mentioned – Ubisoft mentions the diversity of characters, and that there are “strong female characters.” This may be indicative of NPC ladies in the plot, but still leaves something to be desired.

This is in direct opposition of the upcoming release of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. The game features Lara Croft, the iconic explorer, and Horus, Isis, and Osiris as playable characters. With two out of four leads as women, this looks to be a strong game.

Tomorrow, the last day of E3, is scheduled to be just as awesome. Look for further news coverage via Nerdy But Flirty.

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