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Jessica, otherwise known as Allahweh, has been a gamer since the days of the NES back in the ’80s. Over the years, her gaming evolved into more than just a hobby – it became a collection.  With well over 800 games and more than twenty consoles, it’s no surprise that she is often called “The Gaming Goddess.” She is a huge fan of retro video games (especially retro RPGs), but she enjoys games of all types. Currently, some of her favorite titles include: Mega Man 3 (NES), Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES), Final Fantasy IV (SNES), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES), Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 (PC), and Minecraft (PC), to name but a few. She also seems to enjoy role-playing in many of the online games she plays. 

She has been a part of many online communities in the past, and in January of 2011 she founded her own gaming blog called Allahweh’s Domain. Since then, the site has grown to have a strong following, its own associated podcast, and semi-regular video content. She has done guest spots on the No Prisoners, No Mercy gaming podcast, and has even appeared as a guest on MassivelyTV. Jessica is also an editor at Delightful Critics Club.

When Jessica isn’t romping around in-game, she works as an officer in the U.S. Army National Guard, is a freelance writer and editor of books and other media, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Jessica is transgendered and identifies as pansexual, but doesn’t believe those things should define anyone.

Feel free to follow her on Twitter, add her to Google+, subscribe on Twitch, or just send her some fan mail.

Read Allahweh’s articles on Nerdy But Flirty here.

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