Allahweh Drops the Ember Colossus in Torchlight =)

I have a lot of good plans for 2015 in terms of media and content to produce, so in order to help get to that point, I wanted to knock out leftover projects from 2014. This doesn’t mean rushing them or making them half-assed, but rather, I want to give them the attention they need to reach a satisfactory conclusion before adding more projects to the kiln.

I’ve really been enjoying my play of Torchlight since starting it last September, and this video is a good one. Here, we finally reach the end of that chasm-like area and take on the Ember Colossus. He’s a crazy beast, and his laser attack is totally deadly. The only real solution to taking him down seems to be running away and burst-attacking him until he wears out, but this does prove to be effective. All-in-all, for a first attempt, I think the fight went very well. 🙂

Hopefully we’ll be wrapping this game up within the next handful of videos, and then we’ll be ready for some more fun on other fronts!

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