Spoiler-Free Review: Gotham: Episode 11: Rogue’s Gallery


Gotham is back after its midseason break! Before the break, Barbara and Renee were sleeping together unbeknownst to Jim, the mob families were doing…mob stuff (I super don’t care), the villains continue to do their proto-villain thing, and Alfred was my best thing about this show.

We open on a musical being put on by the residents of Arkham, observed intently by Jim. A riot breaks out among the actors; Jim’s been here for a month, and there have been a number of riots under his watch. The director, Dr. Lang, is NOT happy with him. Selina finds Ivy sleeping outside, very sick. Jim finds a man who has been electroshocked into a vegetative state, and is tasked with finding out who did it. Fish is staking out what would happen if Falcone were to “mysteriously” die, and it’s absolutely clear she wants the job. When another person falls victim to the electroshocker, Jim turns his attention to the staff, much to the chagrin of the director.

The relationship between Barbara and Renee takes a turn for the worse, and it’s quite disappointing, because portrayals of lesbian couples are still so rare in media. Also, why build it up so much just to drop it really early in the episode? I continue to not be able to follow any of the mob plotlines/alliances/etc. I never know who’s on who’s side from week to week. Also, Ivy did something infuriating which didn’t really seem in character for her, at least at this age.

The actor playing Gruber (the main suspect) is EXCELLENT, and I wonder if we’re going to see any more of him. However, the montage scene of Jim questioning the inmates is problematic in ways that most media portraying psychiatric hospitals is – it treats the inmates as comic relief. There’s a scene at the end which made me cringe hard with regards to its portrayal of the inmates. Media never seems to be able to treat psychiatric hospitals respectfully. I’m not happy with how minorities were portrayed in this episode as a whole.

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