Spoiler-Free Review: Agent Carter: Episode 1 (Now is Not the End) and Episode 2 (Bridge and Tunnel)


I’ve been SO excited for Agent Carter, and it’s finally here! Set in New York City in 1946, the mini-series kicks off with a two-part opening: “Now is Not the End” and “Bridge and Tunnel.”

At the beginning of Now is Not the End, Howard Stark is a fugitive, under suspicion for being a traitor. Peggy’s sass and strength is absolutely delightful; she doesn’t take anything from anybody. Howard shows up to rescue Peggy from a mysterious kidnapper, and his biggest, most dangerous inventions are missing. The way the other male agents treat Peggy is infuriating, but she absolutely uses it to her advantage and it’s awesome. I also adore the fashion – everything is bright and bold, especially Peggy’s outfits. I want all of them. Jarvis is currently a real person instead of a robot’s personality, and he is hilarious. Peggy knocks someone out with a STAPLER. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT IN A TV SHOW?! We learn that something (or someone) called Leviathan is coming, and Jarvis knows a bit more than he’s letting Peggy in on.

And that was just hour one! In “Bridge and Tunnel,” there’s not much I can say about the episode without spoiling the first, but there are a few highlights. Peggy continues to shun gender roles and doesn’t let men talk down to her. There are not one but TWO fun, jazzy montages/interludes, which are super fun. There’s also a ridiculous, hilariously over-the-top Captain America radio drama. I can’t wait for more Agent Carter!

Watch Agent Carter Tuesdays at 9pm EST on ABC!


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