Allahweh: Out with the Old and In with the New!


So, anyone who’s been a bit sneaky and checking in on some of my older videos/podcasts may have noticed something strange recently: a large amount of older content (videos and podcasts!) are now no longer available for consumption.

Now, before anyone gets all concerned and worried that I’m going away or that my account got hacked, there’s no need to panic! This was just part of a long-overdue overhaul and streamlining of my media content.

This whole process kind of started a couple weeks back when my friend Q told me that there was no shame in deleting older media that no longer represents your current vision. At the time, I was still stuck on this idea that if I produced it, it was worth keeping, because it was part of a long line of productions. I felt that older content, no matter how poor in quality, was part of the journey to the present. Part of a legacy, if you will, and so deleting it would be disrespectful to that. Also, if I were to delete older episodes of a series, for example, would I need to take a huge amount of time to go back and rename all the ones I kept in order to reflect this? And if not, how would I explain the odd numbering to later followers?

Well, on a sleepless night here recently, I decided in my idle thoughts that it’d be best to go ahead and pull the trigger and get this done. Now, quite a bit of stuff was nixed. A lot of videos in the pre-2014 period were completely removed, entire series were deleted, and some episodes of existing shows were also nixed due to various reasons. The same is true of my podcast as well. Now, the reasons for deletion fall into one (or more) of three categories:

  1. The media no longer represents the current vision of my “brand”
  2. The media is of low production quality in one way or another (or is just outright bugged!)
  3. The media was produced alongside someone who is no longer a friend and I don’t wish to promote

I think, though, this is a very good move because it ensures that both my video content and podcasts will all be of higher quality. The content I kept is the stronger content and represents me well, and going forward we will focus on improving even further! After all, why keep content around that I don’t want to listen to or watch because of associations implied with people I no longer want to deal with? Why keep around a video or podcast I’d no longer want to promote to newer followers? The short answer is, beyond hang-ups inside my head, there’s actually no reason why any of that is necessary, and thus it was better to delete them and move forward.

I apologize for any dead links encountered if you’re going through older posts, and I also apologize for any notifications of “new” YouTube videos as I upload a few that were edited/improved and try to transition them back into the channel. These are necessary things and it will be very short-lived. After that, things will continue as normal!

Thanks for understanding and all the support, everyone!

One thought on “Allahweh: Out with the Old and In with the New!

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