GG Podcast 09-04: Pseudo 100th Anniversary with Major Overhauls

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So, I recently performed a pretty major overhaul of my media content, which includes some big-time streamlining that happened in regards both to The Gaming Goddess podcast as well as my content on YouTube. I go into a lot of detail about it in this post here, but I decided that it might also be a good idea to use a special episode of the podcast to go into a bit more detail.

I’m calling this episode the “pseudo 100th episode” because the original 100th episode of the show, which debuted back in Season 8, has been removed from this podcast altogether. There were various reasons for this decision, and one of them was simply that I felt the episode was rushed out and could’ve gone much better. Since that episode was removed, but some wonderful folks had sent in special notes to air in celebration of that milestone, I wanted to include those recordings and not have them be gone forever. This episode serves a hybrid function of maintaining the awesomeness of just how far this show has come and re-celebrating that in a proper fashion, and also explains why some of the changes and deletions were necessary.

As I said in the original post, change is good and getting rid of content that no longer fully reflects the vision of my productions is also a good thing.

In keeping with form, I’m keeping the numbering system in place, so the oldest episode you’ll be able to go back and revisit (unless you’ve downloaded the actual MP3s of the older stuff) is Season 4, Episode 1. That’s still a good distance back, because this is the 9th season. Rather than rename Season 4 to Season 1 and create a lot of confusion in the process, I’ve decided not to go that route, but if it comes up again in the future I’ll just refer people to this episode or to the post I made prior to it!

Music this time around comes from the doujin game Rockmen R: Dr. Wily’s Counterattack, which if I may say so has a damn good musical score.

As always, you can find the show on iTunes or subscribe via RSS, but you can also grab an actual MP3 here.

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