Venturing into the Tangled Depths in GW2!

I was very pleased with the way I left 2015 off, featuring some of the Wintersday content from Guild Wars 2. The funny thing is, when I recorded this video, it was still going on, though now I believe the game has finally been patched and those festivities have been drawn to a close. Still, it was fun and a good way to ring out 2015 and bring on the new year.

As I got back into the game, I decided I wanted to continue my journey through the Heart of Thorns personal story. Despite making a good bit of progress at it, I’ve lagged behind most people I know who play the game. That’s fine though – the story is well-written, and I don’t see a need to rush it. That said, I would like to see it through, because I never had the resolve to get through the story from the vanilla (now called Central Tyria) campaign.

In Auric Basin, we found some clues that talked about a long-lost Asuran city called Rata Novus, and hoping to find some clues as to how to deal with Mordremoth, we decide to pursue any leads. This has led us into the next zone of the Maguuma Jungle: the Tangled Depths. It’s a very interesting map that’s super vertical in places and therefore very easy to get lost in. But, isn’t that part of the fun, too?

In this chapter of the personal story, called Root of Terror, we look for more Pact survivors and clues as to the location of the city. What will happen? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out! 🙂

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