Prelude to Game Recording Tech Talk


In the very near future, I think I’m going to be starting a series where I talk about different methods of game footage (and more) capture on the PC and the various tools that are out there that I have direct familiarity with. This is a topic that’s pretty big to me and that I’ve put a lot of thought into since starting video production four or so years ago, and as such, I have a lot of knowledge on these topics. But, all of that said, keep in mind that my knowledge is not inexhaustible, and I’ll only talk about programs I have used, so it won’t be all-encompassing.

Of course, I realize that there are at least two types of encoding I can talk about (and thus programs and their uses): video recording and live-streaming.

Here are some programs I’ll likely discuss at some point as time progresses:

  • Open Broadcaster & Open Broadcaster Multiplatform
  • Bandicam
  • D3D Gear
  • XSplit

I’ll probably also mention some options for video editing and encoding, but that could be a dangerous round of topics to get into – there’s just so much to potentially cover!

Also, I’m planning to discuss different settings to consider based on the quality of video/stream you want and what some of the limitations you might face could be.

So, stay tuned for me to kick that off – I think I’ll start things off with a discussion on basic video recording, settings, and programs to consider (free and paid)!

Oh, and while I’m at it – The Gaming Goddess Podcast will be picking up with season nine in the near future. Lots to look forward to there as well 🙂

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