The Fierce Ice Dragon of Felghana!

After having gotten to the final area of the Elderm Mountains, we return to Redmont to take care of some business there. If you remember when we first ascended the mountain, we found some special leaves called Berm Leaves. Well, we missed one of them, so we have to return to the mountains to find it and then bring it to the kid in town who raises Pickards. Apparently, they’re sick, and the four leaves are just what they need to get better. Naturally, this gives us a reward: a Katol Elixir.

Next, we talk to the merchant and trade him a whole bunch of Ravel Ore, which he’s very thankful for; he gives us a ring as a reward. It’s here where you get two options of who to give it to (save your game and then reload it later so that you can get both achievements!), but we end up giving it to the guy in town who lost his ring, which yields us a nice item that enhances our boost abilities.

After that, it’s back to the mountains to face the boss – the Ice Dragon Gildias. He’s tough, but some fighting off-camera helps me get the patterns right so I can wipe him out. Then, with all four statues, we head out and run into Chester. He explains his true motives for what he’s doing and what really happened back on Genos Island, but then things head south fast.

What happens? Watch to find out!

Stay tuned – things are really heating up, and more fun is on the way!

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