The Icy Peaks of the Elderm Mountians of Felghana!

After the previous flub of a video (thanks, randomly defaulted codec settings!), our journey picks up at the midpoint of the Elderm Mountains with Adol about to enter the boss fight. Off-camera, I grinded my way up to Level 28 (to make things go a bit more smoothly) and returned to Redmont to purchase a stronger sword (the Banded Slayer) and upgrade it to the maximum efficiency. The boss here is a fight against Ligarty, the triple harpies. They’re actually pretty tough, because each of them has a set elemental weakness and once one is defeated, the others get significantly tougher. The fight is a close one – too close, if you ask me. Still, we somehow manage a zero-hour victory with 0 HP left, and then manage to find and speak with Dogi’s old master.

The next part of the mountains are actually caverns of ice and they’re very maze-like. There are lots of goodies to find here (gold, ravel ore, etc.), but the monsters are quite a bit stronger. They drop a good amount of gold, and we build up enough of it to return to Redmont and purchase the Banded Armor and the Banded Shield and upgrade them, too. We meet up with Dogi, who gives us the third bracelet (the Terra Bracelet), and this gives us some new abilities at our disposal. We also finally locate the Stone Shoes, which allow us to walk on the ice without slipping around.

Once I reach the inner sanctum of the mountains, I backtrack to a few previous areas with the Terra Bracelet to get some items we couldn’t before. The most important one is the Spirit Cape, which allows Adol to heal while standing still (very useful later in the game, I’m sure).

Next time around, we’ll face the boss of the mountains and then continue our journey, and I suspect we will have a lot of fun in the process!

This video was encoded by YouTube at 5120×2160, so for optimal viewing experience, please watch it at 2160p60 if your net can handle it!

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