Ys IV Continues with the Sacred Stormvale in 1080p60!

Miss the last episode? Go here!

We begin this episode of Ys IV: Mask of the Sun by pushing through the Celcetan Forest and arriving in the Wind Village of Komodo. There, we learn that villagers have been disappearing recently, and a crater to the south is believed to have something to do with it. So, after checking out the stores in town, we proceed through the next forested area and enter the crater, where we encounter our first boss of the game. He’s hard (one hit from the fire attack is fatal even after a ton of grinding), but defeating him gives us information about his true nature and some clues as to what’s been going on lately.

After finishing things in Komodo, we head up the hills and find a new town. Here, the people are very devout and don’t want much to do with us, but we do find the woman who sent the letter in the bottle that arrived in Esteria, though she’s a bit cryptic with us at this point. Then, we gear up and head out into the Sacred Stormvale where, after some leveling, we find our way to the castle.

What happens next? Well, to find out, I highly suggest you watch the video!

Stay tuned – more fun is on the horizon!

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