Ys IV — Into the Ice Caves!

Last time, Adol got nearly killed in the Castle in Sacred Stormvale, but having recovered from his wounds, we set back out into the Stormvale once more and head north into the Ice Caves. This area features some powerful enemies, but it’s nothing that a bit of grinding can’t solve. It’s here in the caves that we find our first set of elemental weapons and armor (in this case, fire-based) and we soon discover the Temple of Earth.

At the temple, we meet a scholar who tells us that he’s searching for the Eyes that are said to be there, but he’s worried about his sick wife. He says that if we find a cure for her illness in a nearby town, he’ll give us the eyes when he finds them.

Anyway, after unblocking a path back into the woods, we grind on some new enemies and head towards a new village. What happens next will need to wait for episode four!

Watch, enjoy, and stay tuned – more fun is on the way!

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