Fun and Frustration in Sorrow’s Embrace in GW2! =)

Sorrow’s Embrace is the Level 60 dungeon of Guild Wars 2 (at least for story mode), and yet somehow it’s a dungeon that I’d never done before the other night. I hadn’t attempted story mode or any of the explorable mode paths, so it was totally new to me. Anyway, the guild I’m in did a run of it the night before and I felt kind of jealous after the fact once I realized I missed out on a lot of fun, so some of us went and tried it again!

This video is long…very long, in fact. The first 30 minutes or so involve me trying to figure out how to actually get to the dungeon (with a bit of help), and then the rest of the video is our actual guild run of Sorrow’s Embrace. On voice chat in this video are myself, Nerdy Nurse (as Love Owlz), and Jeremy Stratton (as Slyng Shot). Joining us in our party are our guildmates Augustus Du Floryse and Northern Requiem. It’s a long run, I know, but we manage to pull through and clear the dungeon, and we have a fantastic time doing so!

So, I really hope you enjoy this episode of The New Tyrian Adventures and stay tuned – more is on the way! 🙂

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