#WatchedList: The Fall Premieres Are Upon Us!

Who else was excited about all the new shows this week? There were a lot! And we still have plenty more coming through October. Instead of individually reviewing a ton of shows, I decided to do a weekly WatchedList post. They will be spoiler-free and brief (and hopefully entertaining!) rundowns of the shows I watched that week.

I also wanted to let you all know that I’ve started live-tweeting shows over on Twitter for Nerdy but Flirty. We’re testing the waters with each new premiere for shows I’m interested in. I try my best to keep them spoiler-free and to not bombard your timeline. I really love engaging with everyone on Twitter during the shows, so I hope you’ll join me this week for Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, and Doctor Who!


I have to admit, I watched a lot of last season busy doing something else. A few episodes pulled me in. The others, I happily typed away on a paper or played a game on my phone while sort of watching. Still, I love Batman, so I continue to commit to this show.

A lot of people made fun of the “Monsters Are Coming” ads, but I was delighted. If Gotham goes darker and deeper with their villains, I’m here for it. I think Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) is perfect for the role of The Joker. I’m looking forward to see where he takes this character, and can’t wait to see what other villains appear, and how the ones already roaming Gotham evolve.

Barbara is still being Barbara, and I truly wonder if I’ll ever like her character on this show. This episode was fun. Gordon does a bad, bad thing. He seemed angrier, and I liked it. His partner Harvey is now working as a bartender, something I feel happens to every Donal Logue character he ever plays. The ending of the premiere was excellent. I think the writers caved in and are giving us Batman fans what we really want. Finally! The season ahead looks promising. I’m glad I stuck around.

Minority Report

As a fan of the movie, I liked seeing how this show’s storyline transitioned from the film. Precrime has been abolished, and we are introduced to the Precogs, no longer in that pool. Dash (Stark Sands), one of the Precogs, partners up with Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good). and the story unfolds from there.

Diners are remarkably the same in 2065, except the fry cooks are now robots and the “genetic revolution” has made fries healthy! The future is amazing. Though Iggy Azalea being considered as one of the classics 50 years from now made me weep a little.

The best line of all the new shows this week goes to Detective Vega’s mother, when she says, “When I was your age, we had this thing called Tinder.” I cracked up.

Minority Report is a little rough around the edges. However, since I saw the film years ago, I’ve been fascinated with the idea of Precogs. Considering that plus its diverse cast I want to support, I’ll be sticking this one out for a few more episodes. I hope it finds itself and ends up being a solid show.


You know the premise unless you’ve lived under a rock and missed the millions of ads shown all summer. A woman (played by Jaimie Alexander) is found in the middle of Times Square, naked and covered in tattoos. It’s a unique story, so I appreciate that. 

I love tattoos, and the idea of solving mysteries by what’s been inked onto someone’s body is pretty cool. I’ll be super impressed by the tattoo placement being exact episode after episode. That would be quite a feat!

There’s a ridiculous scene halfway through the premiere. I actually laughed over how Special Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) handled a bomb. Then I thought of the basis of this entire show, and figured I’d just roll with it. From then on, I just had fun with it. There’s an incredible shot of the stairs at the Statue of Liberty and a fight scene in her crown that nearly made up for the earlier bomb scene.

The only real issue I have with Blindspot was its damsel in distress setup. Yes, this woman is vulnerable, but she can also kick ass. She doesn’t need a dude to be her savior. Jason Bourne would never be shown in such a manner. It’s been done a million times, stick to the originality this show has going!

I will say, the final scene piqued my interest quite a lot, and I’ll be watching again this week to put more clues together.

Scream Queens

I was hoping for campy and suspenseful fun. Instead, I cringed for most of the first hour. There’s a way to do satire, and this was not it. Jamie Lee Curtis looks great. Not much else to say on it. Next.


I’d never seen the movie Limitless, so with the show coming up, I went ahead and had a look. I loved the way the film was shot; the look of it was just gorgeous. The sound and music impressed me too. I enjoyed the movie.

Limitless the television series is shot in a similar mode, even mimicking certain scenes from the movie. It’s more of a nod to the film, not a lazy maneuver – I should make that clear. I think Jake McDorman (Shameless) is great for this role. I do, however, prefer the movie’s narration from Bradley Cooper over the show’s character speaking to an imaginary clone of himself.

Speaking of Bradley, his character returns and, according to IMDB, will appear in at least four episodes. Eddie Morra (Cooper) is now a Senator, and he meets with Brian, for reasons I can’t say because spoilers! I’m curious to see how this show differs from the movie, and what Brian’s path will be compared to that of Eddie’s. One sour note: the show hinted at a romantic storyline between Brian and FBI agent Rebecca (played by Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter). Yawn.

Heroes Reborn

If I had to sum up my thoughts in one sentence: I thought there’d be less guns. I’m new to Heroes, so this premiere was a lot to take in. Though, as promised, it was designed to welcome newcomers such as myself. There were characters and references I was lost on, but they weren’t necessary to understanding what was happening in this reboot. (And yes, I’ll be finally diving into Heroes on Netflix before long.)

The Heroes Reborn two-episode premiere was two intense hours of learning many characters’ names, what they’re up to, if and what their powers might be. They definitely threw a lot at the audience. I’m interested to see where it all goes this week. As I tweeted, my hopes for the season going forward are more powers, fewer guns, and no video game plotline!

Doctor Who

I’m going to keep this brief. If I start to go into it too much, my excitement will get the best of me and I’ll ruin it for you. The story involves Daleks and Missy, so you know it’s awesome. Speaking of Missy, check out this interview with Michelle Gomez. After reading it, I’m as big a Michelle Gomez fan as I am a Missy fan! Also, who do I speak to about interviewing her?

As I said on TwitterThe Witch’s Familiar made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t be happier. This was one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes in a long, long time. I felt like Capaldi became The Doctor and it’s me filled with anticipation for this season. With Clara’s departure announced, I’d be thrilled to see Missy become a regular. Just throw in a little River from time to time, and I’d be one happy nerd girl!

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2 thoughts on “#WatchedList: The Fall Premieres Are Upon Us!

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  2. I, too, enjoyed Blindspot, but disagree about your assessment of the Damsel in Distress situation. If anything the tears and the need for someone else makes her MORE well rounded as a character than Jason Bourne. This woman was tattooed over her entire (as near as we are told) body, stripped naked, stuffed in a duffel bag and dumped in Times Square. Drugged too….to an extent where her memory may never recover….that sort of thing SHOULD give one pause. Add in knowledge that she has but can’t explain (Chinese, ninja-ing her way around an abusive turd) and she would be unrealistic if she wasn’t clinging to any straw she can grasp.

    Why the bad guy(s) chose Weller as that target is up in the air, but to me it does no harm to a character to have them react in a realistic fashion. And it does help, for me at least, that she is treated with a fair amount of professionalism. Yes, they do their best to keep her out of the action, but whoever is behind clearly has some kind of plan/knowledge to a nefarious end and she is the only link in that chain? That seems like not the worst idea ever….now, the WHITE room the psychologist sees her in all the time? THAT is a terrible/dehumanizing idea.

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