Oceanhorn — The Grand Finale at Last!

Like I did in the previous episode, this video here is created from multiple shorter segments that I decided to put together into one video clocking in at around 90 minutes.

Having finally retrieved all of the emblems, we’re now told that we should face off against Oceanhorn at the Arcadian Ruins, but not until we’re fully prepared for the final battle. Thankfully, we already have the Chronos Shield (from the Grand Core) and the Coral Saber, but as noted before, we only have seven out of the eight possible heart containers. Having done some research, I find out that the last pieces aren’t in the ruins, but rather they were in places where we simply overlooked them.

Anyway, first off, we make a visit to Home Island and then to Graveyard Island. Graveyard Island is an important place to visit because after completing the mini dungeon there, we receive the Cure Magic, which will restore our health some when used. Then, it’s off to the Old Fortress and then Grand Core once more to get those last two heart pieces we were missing. And, finally, we head to the Arcadian Ruins to confront the living fortress itself.

The final battle is pretty tricky. Oceanhorn has two phases, and I’d argue that the first is considerably harder than the second. Basically, you have to take his legs out, then destroy a crystal on either side of his body, and finally strike his vulnerable point. It seems to take three take-downs to deliver enough damage to win the round. Next, though, the fight continues outside, where you have to activate some electrical fields to stun him, release one of Mesmeroth’s Dark Disciples who’s possessed with his spirit (is he a mechanical body?) and, upon defeating him, use the father’s flute before Mesmeroth’s spirit can merge again with Oceanhorn. It sounds somewhat complicated, but it goes rather quickly, and then the game is won.

I wasn’t totally satisfied with how the camera focus turned out in the second and third segments of this video, but that was just a failing of Bandicam. Anyway, no biggie, just wanted to toss that out there in case you wondered what happened in the video!

I hope you guys enjoyed Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas! As always, stay tuned – more fun content is on the way!

One thought on “Oceanhorn — The Grand Finale at Last!

  1. I hate the battle on Android, especially when the hero stops midway or too bloody slow getting to the two crystals. After hitting his core two times, he starts ambushing with bombs, which is increasingly annoying especially if you’re on low health at that point, trying to get a break out of the bombs, you end up dying. You don’t get a chance to heal or anything, a mixture between the bombs exploding around you or you get hit by his laser which also triggers to bombs to explode in that instantaneous moment.

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