Obscure Cosplay from Comic Con 2015

Welcome to the SDCC 2015 Obscure Costume Awards. We’ll be taking a look at some cosplayers who really racked their brains for an inspiration to emulate. These are the costumes that you look at and think, “who – or what – is that guy supposed to be?” Well, I’m here to tell you.

1.) Recognize this balancing act?

Maybe this gif will jog your memory:


That’s right. This cosplayer was inspired by a five-second scene in the new Jurassic World film. Anyone in a crisis situation takes the time to prioritize; that’s why my dad changed into jeans when the house was on fire. “I can’t let the firefighters see me in sweatpants!” Much like my father, this man decided that fleeing for his life was second on the list; second only to margaritas.

Everyone knows that the king of margaritas is Jimmy Buffet. That’s why he portrayed the restaurant owner in this cameo. Buffet and Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall are good friends, which gave Buffet an in. He even wrote “The Ever Elusive Future,” which is featured in the film. Remember kids: when you’re being attacked by dinos, always double fist the alcohol to safety.

2.) Uhh? Green Screen Man?


This guy is staring into my soul. Jeez. It’s like he wants me to do something–




Ah yes, of course. Shia’s most brilliant marketing campaign to date. Seriously though. He obviously did it against a green screen for a reason. He knew people would get creative and he’d stay in the limelight. This isn’t criticism. Really, the guy is brilliant despite how out-there some of his art installations and performance pieces may seem.

In fact, Shia is performing here. He isn’t just ranting. This was a scripted and directed piece of footage he participated in for Central Saint Martins, a London arts college. The video project was called #Introductions.

The assignment?

“Submit a piece of text lasting up to 30 seconds or no more than 100 words. This can be as poetic, abstract or literal as you like — with the emphasis on expressing the feeling and tone of the work being introduced.”

This means that there are 35 other segments we haven’t seen that LaBeouf performed in front of a green screen. I’m sure the internet is looking forward to the day those become available. If you haven’t been motivated by the “Just Do It” video yet, check it out sometime when you need an extra pick-me-up.

3.) Why Does this Nun Have a Blow Up Doll?

Hmm…shame on me for not knowing.



(Warning: Slight GoT spoilers ahead.)

As weirded out that I am about this guy carrying a blow up doll around Comic Con, you really have to admire his resourcefulness. Practically speaking, this would be the most convenient thing to carry around because of how light it is. I’ll give him a pass. Let’s hope parents were ready for the “Mommy why does that nun have a naked lady balloon?” questions.

Game of Thrones has hit viewers with some intense scenes lately that have definitely led to controversy. This scene really had me cringing, though. The repetitive call of “shame!” coupled with the wincing on Cersai’s face had me actually feeling bad for her…then feeling bad that I was feeling bad for such an evil person. Thanks for bringing all of these emotions back up to boil, nun cosplayer.

4.) Orange-Haired Lego Man!

Wait…I know that face.


That would be a Lego version of you, Conan. You silly goose. Think this is just a homage to those who love building stuff and Irish men? You thought wrong.

In Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Conan plays himself. Forced by his son to accept the offer, Conan found admiration for his little Lego self and his pleasing “head to body ratio.” Conan admits that this entire situation is hilarious because he’s “terrible at video games.”

Who knows what the next few days will bring as the reports and photos from San Diego Comic Con 2015 continue to roll in? Will anyone be able to use a blow up doll as creatively, or be quite as Shia-tastic? I’m afraid to find out.

All images come from Imgur or Reddit unless otherwise stated.


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