Eldritch – A Fantastic Lovecraftian Roguelike!

A couple years back, I was researching various procedurally-generated games and Eldritch was a game that stood out then. It was different because it was a randomly-generated, Lovecraft-inspired “survival horror roguelike” that used an aesthetic that might remind you of Minecraft. Strange, I know, but somehow it all works out very well.

Anyway, I didn’t get the game immediately (I think it was either $14.99 or $19.99 at the time), and over time I would sort of forget about it, but then it would crop back up one way or another. Recently, though, I was able to get the game for dirt cheap through a flash sale, so I decided to take a chance on it and give it a whirl. Well…it was a lot of fun!

This video here shows the first 45 or so minutes of my experimenting with the game. In that 45 minutes, I do die a couple times, but I’m ultimately able to reach the end of Dagon’s Labyrinth and gather his soul. I got a true sense of accomplishment about that! I really enjoy the look of the game, the overall design, the difficulty level, and the creepy atmosphere. I do hear that later areas are much scarier and have jump scares here and there (mainly due to a certain enemy type), and the whole experience looks great.

I’m tempted to eventually do a full Let’s Play on this one, but in the meantime, you can check the game out on Steam and get a copy to enjoy yourself!

Tell us what you think!

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