The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 14: No Friction Allowed!

This episode of The Gaming Goddess podcast is, in my opinion, a very special one. You see, behind the scenes for a while now, myself, Jeremy Stratton, and Warren Bennett have been making plans for an upcoming retro and indie gaming community called Zero Friction. For a while, this was just something we casually discussed and didn’t share much with others, but now we already have the structure of the site up and are making plans for its formal launch, so this episode, featuring Jeremy Stratton as my guest, marks the site’s official public announcement!

Zero Friction was born of a desire to do something different, to not have to fit in with the mainstream and “toe the line.” All of us who have been involved with its development know this all too well, and we wanted to create something unique where we could be ourselves and write about whatever we wanted. The site will focus on retro games, indie games, fan games, and much more. It’ll be our place to share with you!

So, I really think this is a great episode and I hope you enjoy it. Please stay tuned for links to preview the site and its official launch, coming very soon!

If you’d like to grab or stream the MP3 of this episode, or get the RSS of the podcast, head here.

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