Spoiler-Free Review: Marvel’s Daredevil: Episode 6: Condemned


After briefly coming back up for air, I dove into episode six and couldn’t believe that all the chaos from episode five would pale in comparison to what would follow. I wrote, “hell breaking loose x 100” in my notes, and that pretty much sums it up. I may need to borrow Ben’s use of playing cards to keep track of what’s going on.

We open with Daredevil in handcuffs, and if you’ve watched even just one episode of this show, you know that isn’t going to stop him. He comes to the rescue of an enemy (see, no spoilers!). It’s not because Daredevil is being a good Samaritan, it’s because he wants information on Fisk. Daredevil takes turns interrogating (naturally by way of battering) and assisting his captive for nearly the entire hour.

We see an even angrier Daredevil who’s quickly losing any tolerance he may have previously had. While I’m Team Daredevil all the way, my heart pounds when I know he’s about to get his hands on someone. I just know it’s not going to end well for them.

I worry about Daredevil too; he’s taken a lot of falls. My head hurts every time his hits the concrete. Lucky for him, he has a solid – and free – healthcare program. Claire once again helps Daredevil, offering first aid advice over the phone. You may not have learned it scouting, but apparently you can cauterize a wound with road flares! Who knew? Although Claire remains at his beckon call, we’re left to wonder though how much longer this will continue.

Foggy and Karen end up in Claire’s emergency room following an incident at their client’s apartment. The two are worried because they haven’t heard from Matt since Hell’s Kitchen started going off the rails. We see how gigantic Foggy’s heart is; he and Matt aren’t just friends and business partners, he considers Matt his brother. It’s also apparent that Karen cares deeply for both of them. As news about Daredevil spreads, and with it false rumors, Karen insists the man who saved her couldn’t be responsible for the acts he’s accused of. Will she speak publicly about this? Time will tell.

Ben Urich is seen throughout the episode. He knows more about the city and its nefarious inhabitants than most. We’ll see how far he runs with this information. The crooked detectives are not fans of Ben; in fact, they’re outright assholes toward him. Given the paths each have now set out on, I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before Ben and Daredevil meet.

Wesley and Fisk spend the entire episode driving around, amidst the chaos, pulling most of the strings. We learn that Fisk’s reach goes beyond the police and the courthouse, he even has pull with the media. There seems to be no limit to the corruption in this city, and Fisk is quite sure of himself. He doesn’t seem too concerned about “The Mask” and appears certain that all of the mayhem around him will work itself out, and in his favor. Oh, and Fisk reaches out and has a chat with Daredevil. That’s as much as I’m going to give away.

Vladimir, of all people, offers up some sound advice to Daredevil. It’s here that Daredevil realizes exactly what he’s gotten himself into. This is all much more massive than he thought. I’m thinking that we’ll see more angry Daredevil from here on in. I wonder how this will impact Matt Murdock, physically and emotionally. Has he bitten off more than he can chew? Does he regret any of this?

This episode seemed to have less bone-breaking and a lot more cursing. It also had so many good quotes. Every few minutes, I was thinking what a great gif a line would make. My favorite may be Daredevil saying he doesn’t “speak asshole,” and that’s one I know I’ll use in the future. My only issue with episode six is that Daredevil has his ringer on. I mean, seriously dude? I’m not putting a mask on and going after bad guys, but I still keep my phone on vibrate 90% of the time. Awesome superhero goes down because his phone gave him away? I expect better from the meticulous Daredevil.

I used to say binge, but I’ve decided Daredevil is worth enjoying more slowly. It builds anticipation and also lets me ride out the wave of excitement for this show. So don’t binge, but watch along with me. Daredevil is streaming now on Netflix.

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