Spoiler-Free Review: Gotham: Episode 19: Beasts of Prey


It’s been about a month, and Gotham is finally back! Last time, Jim became president of the Gotham PD, Alfred was attacked by an old war friend, Payne, in an attempt to get to Bruce, and Fish discovered that the prison she’s trapped in is on a European island. There was probably some mob stuff going on too, but…eh.

Surprising no one, Fish seems to be running the hospital she was trapped in now. However, she goes outside and quickly gets confronted by what seems to be the Dollmaker’s personal protection squad. Jim warns Bruce that Alfred’s fight isn’t necessarily his own. Someone shows up at the station and asks Jim if he can help on a case he’s working on; he says that he and some of the younger cops look up to Jim and want to contribute to what he’s doing in cleaning up Gotham and the department itself. Fish wants to escape, and she wants to do it NOW, enlisting the help of her fellow prisoners.

Harvey doesn’t want to take on this case, but Jim convinces him, however reluctantly, to accompany him on the beat. We see an extended flashback to before the murder; at this point, I’m not sure if the murderer is a Batman villain or an everyday person. The flashbacks continue after the break, and after the woman wakes up from their tryst, he tries to get her to stay for breakfast. When she insists that she has to leave, he holds her back. Fish almost gets caught, but talks her way out of it.

Bruce meets Selina in a back alley, and she seems much friendlier than last time they parted. We discover that the murderer is actually a serial killer, and has a habit of holding the women captive for days under the guise of a relationship, when in reality she’s a hostage. At around this point, I looked up who the villain was supposed to be, and it’s the Ogre; apparently, his TV appearance is much different than his comic appearance, which was a one-shot. Harvey reveals that the Ogre hunts the families of the cops that dare to investigate him, and Jim realizes that the cop referring the case to him might not have had great motives.

Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce shake down Payne, which is a great, unexpected scene. You can see some of who Bruce will become in a few decades…and who Selina will become.

THE EPISODE ENDS ON A VERY UNFAIR CLIFFHANGER. This was a great episode to come back on, and I wish I didn’t have to wait for episode 20!

Watch Gotham Mondays at 8pm EST on FOX. The next episode is called Under the Knife.

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