The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 7, Ep. 13: A Neutral Experience

This time around on the podcast, my good friend Jeremy Stratton is back to finally spend an episode talking about Net Neutrality with me. We’d planned to do this back in March, but our personal schedules created several missed connections, and we only just now got around to it. But I think our dialogue is really good. Jeremy and I both have friends with strong opinions on this topic and we ourselves have some personal experiences to relate. But, please don’t take this as any overly-negative bash session on any one company. Rather, understand that this is an issue that we think affects lots of different groups and is certainly worth dedicating some time to discussing!

The podcast will be taking a week off due to my attending a week-long training exercise with the military, so there won’t be a podcast episode published on April 17. Rather, you can expect the next episode to go live on April 24.

Meanwhile, be sure to follow Jeremy on Twitter and also YouTube. He puts out some really great (and relaxing, in my opinion) content, and is preparing for the upcoming launch of a brand-new website experience!

As always, if you’d like an MP3 of this week’s episode (or the link to the RSS feed for the show!), you can find that here.

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